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Foundation and Empire - Isaac Asimov

This is a story about politics, with science fiction as a backdrop. If you want pow-pow lasers, this isn't for you.


This book is really a work of art. I've read it three times and plan to read it many times more.


It's also highly believable. There really could be a science of mass psychology, made mathematically precise. If you believe that there are historical laws of human societal development, then this book will resonate with you. The themes are familiar, and they serve as a haunting reminder that 10,000 years in the future, when Earth is forgotten, the fundamental importance of strategic planning, politics and economics may remain unchanged. Humans expanding out into the cosmos will not be gods; they'll still be people, doing people things. Asimov constructs a whole universe in this relatively short book, and manages to make politics FUN to read about.


Read this book. You WILL enjoy it.